This year I have been lucky enough to meet so many talented entrepreneurs and it’s driven home the importance of supporting small, local business. There are so many ways we can all support our local entrepreneurs that I thought I would share the five easiest ways to do so.


  1. Buy local – Firstly, let me say that I am guilty of using sites like Amazon for convenience and to save money and I’m not saying that these large companies don’t have their place but with Christmas (sorry to use the C-word!!) quickly approaching I feel more inspired than ever to source unique presents for my loved ones while supporting someone’s passion and talent. Even if it’s something small like a gift card here and there, someone has taken the time to design and create that which makes it all the more personal. So take a wander down your local high street and pop into the independent shops, I guarantee you will come out with inspiration for the perfect gift that you may not have been able to find elsewhere.
  2. Use sites like – While this isn’t necessarily shopping local, the people that sell  on Etsy are often small business owners just looking to reach a wider audience and you can find some stunning creations, many of which are literally one of a kind.
  3. Like, Comment, Share – Supporting small business isn’t just about spending money. Many will have their own social media pages and simply liking their posts will help them reach a wider audience. If you can comment on or share their posts, even better! You may not have any need for their products at that point in time but one of your friends on social media just might and a sale off the back of a post on social media will mean so much.
  4. Recommend – If you have received great service from a small business owner don’t keep it to yourself. Spread the news, tell your friends and give the business owner a testimonial for social media or their website. We can often be too quick to complain when something hasn’t gone to plan but not quick enough to speak up when something is great. A positive review not only helps to encourage others to buy from that person but it will often give them a confidence boost.
  5. Cross promotion – If you are a local entrepreneur yourself, why not try to find ways to cross promote your business with another small business? Give their flyers or cards to your customers in return for them doing the same for you or offer discounts on your products or services to members of a networking group you attend for example.
Five ways you can support small local businesses