We all know that this time of year can be both fun and exhausting at the same time and whilst many of us try to have some time away from work, we still manage to tire ourselves out trying to keep up with everything that we THINK is expected of us in our personal lives. The simple fact is, Christmas for adults can be stressful if we put too much pressure on ourselves so I thought I would share with you five tips to help you stay sane this Christmas.

  1. Don’t let present buying drive you mad – we all love to buy gifts for people that we know they will really appreciate but we also all have those people in our lives that are really difficult to buy for, for whatever reason, so we find ourselves resorting to cliches like socks, chocolates or a bottle of fizz. Instead of buying them the same old, same old, why not consider donating to a charity that they know is close to their hearts on their behalf? Doing something for those less fortunate is a great way to put things into perspective and stay grounded at this time of year.
  2. Try not to get pulled from pillar to post – For those of us with family members all over the place it can feel like we spend half of the Christmas break in the car. Of course it is important to spend time with loved ones but it is also important to take some time to do what you want to do, rather than trying to please everyone else. Those that love you will be happy to find a compromise that doesn’t involve you doing all of the travelling and the last thing they will want is you feeling stressed about keeping everyone else happy.
  3. Get some fresh air – Personally, I find having a dog is a god send one Christmas day. It would be easy to stay indoors all day, stuffing our faces, drinking too much and trying to get new gadgets to work but I always make sure my dog doesn’t miss out on her walks. This is as much for my benefit as hers as it gives me space to breath, get some exercise and get out of the house. Even if you don’t have a dog, a little walk with friends or family (or on your own if you need a bit of peace and quiet) will do wonders for your sanity levels!!
  4. Give yourself space to breath – The world won’t fall apart without you so don’t be afraid to disappear from the celebrations for 20 mins to recharge your batteries. It doesn’t matter how much we love our friends or family, sometimes we need a bit of time away from the high energy of festive celebrations. We all have that one family member who spends a little bit longer in the bathroom, it may be that they had a few too many sprouts or it maybe that they are just enjoying the time to sit and be by themselves!
  5. Don’t do Christmas by other people’s standards – Everyone’s Christmas is slightly different. If you want to go to midnight mass, do it. If you want to have Michael Buble on repeat, do it. If you want to watch the Christmas episode of Eastenders (I know it’s not just me!!!) DO IT!

However you celebrate, have a wonderful time from all of us at Purple Frogs.

5 ways to keep your sanity this festive season