Today I did my very first Facebook live! To say I was nervous is an understatement but every social media expert I know has told me that, certainly for business pages, it is a great way to encourage interaction with everyone that likes your page and, seeing as I have something that I need help with, I found myself in an “if ever there was a right time to do it, it’s now!” moment. Plus, whenever I watch other people’s Facebook Lives I’m always really impressed with how natural and engaging they look while doing it and I wanted to be in their gang! So, today was the day, I decided. I told my colleague so it wouldn’t be quite so easy to bottle it, and then after a few practises in front of the mirror and a number of attempts at filming myself using the camera on my phone, I went for it and hit “Live Video”.

It was all over in one minute and I said what I wanted to say, even if I was shaking like a leaf inside. There were a couple of mistakes but as I recovered without swearing I’m going to consider it a success! Do I think I looked as natural as everyone else I watch when they do a live? Not at all. I think I looked horrifically awkward but I reckon most people probably feel exactly the same way when they watch themselves, so I’m choosing not to dwell on my awkwardness for the first time ever! Actually I’m rather pleased with myself and as the short snippet of me asking for advice from business owners is having the desired effect, I’m really happy with the results so far.

The best thing about my first Facebook live is how incredibly supportive people are. Within seconds someone was watching and sent me a “wave emoji” and all the comments and private messages I have had about it have been really encouraging. I do have one question for all you Facebook Live pros though – am I the only one who didn’t realise just how many crows feet they had until they watched back their first live?! I really hope that’s not just me!!

What I learnt from my first Facebook live!