Do you blog?

Personally I love writing blogs, and am happy to write for my own personal blog, for the Purple Frogs website or as guest/ghost writer for other businesses. It’s definitely one of my favourite tasks so I was really excited to attend a workshop recently by the fabulous Amy Morse from Learn To Love Your Words who talked about the benefits of blogging for business.

So many business owners that I speak to tend to shy away from blogging either because they struggle to find the time or they just don’t know what to write about. However, as Amy confirmed for me, blogging can be massively beneficial to your business or a cause close to your heart and here are some of the main reasons why:

Advertise your services – Writing about what you sell and what makes it so great is a brilliant way to advertise what you do. If you can write with passion about your services or products then people are much more likely to engage with that than a bog standard advert. Consider using images to support your blog and testimonials from other people that have given you feedback about the product or service.

Website SEO – Google loves fresh content and so if you’re regularly updating or adding things to your website then you it will be much more searchable (is that a word?!). Just three to five paragraphs once or twice a month can make all the difference. Think about what phrases people are likely to use when searching for a business like yours and use them in your blog and don’t forget to share your blog across your social media platforms to drive more traffic to your website.

People buy from people – Since Purple Frogs started I have heard this phrase more than any other but it is so true. A blog is a great way of showing potential customers the person behind the business so don’t be afraid to be personable. Share a recent experience or something you are passionate about, whether to offer advice, raise awareness or simply to make people smile with a funny story. Remember, it’s always nice to feel like you’re not alone in business (and in life!!) so if people can relate to you then they are more likely to consider buying from you.

These were just a few of the things that I took away from the workshop but I would highly recommend getting in touch with Amy if you would like to learn more about the benefits of blogging and what makes a great blog.

If you decide that blogging isn’t for you but would still like a blog on your website then Purple Frogs can definitely help. Contact us to learn more about our ghost blogging service.

The Benefits of Blogging