Our Clients Said They Wanted Monthly Pre-Paid Packages … So That’s What We Offer!

Purple Frogs charge an hourly rate of £30/hour for those who don’t feel the monthly packages are for them.  All work is timed and charged to the nearest 15 mins.

If you purchase a Monthly Pre-Paid Package and don’t use all your time, Purple Frogs are happy to roll a maximum of two hours over to the next month for you.


10 hours/month (£250/month)
Ideal For Sole Traders Just Starting Out
20 hours/month (£480/month)
Ideal for SME's Needing Additional Support
30 hours/month (£660/month)
Our Most Popular Package!
40 hours/month (£800/month)
Perfect For Those Businesses That Are Growing Fast!

If You Don’t Feel We Have Helped Your Business To Leap Ahead After Your First Month On A Retainer Package We Will Refund You No Questions Asked! Click Here For Full Details.