Outsourcing. This word still seems to make many business owners a little bit nervous. Either they are worried about releasing the reigns somewhat for fear of no one being able to do even the simplest of tasks to their standard (I have a number of clients who tell me the reason they waited so long to get in touch was due to being, their words not mine, control freaks) or because they feel a sense of guilt at getting someone else to do “their dirty work” – another direct quote.

I address these issues by asking three questions about the tasks in question:

Do you enjoy them?
Do they make you money?
By doing them yourself are you growing your business?

If the answer is no to all three then we definitely need to talk! However, if you are unsure of what I mean when I ask these questions let’s break it down.

First and foremost, you probably started your business because you had a passion for something in particular, but it feels like you spend more time focusing on your admin rather than the parts of your business that you really love. Where’s the joy in that? Time to outsource.

Secondly, is your to-do list eating into time that could be billable? Maybe to fit an extra client in or to create something that you will go on to sell. Yes? Time to outsource.

Finally, do you currently feel like you are simply keeping things ticking over rather than actually working on the growth of your business? Time to outsource.

In short, outsourcing the everyday “stuff” will give you the time and energy to focus on the parts of your business that you love and that make you money, it really does come down to that. It will also provide you with someone who can help you to come up with fresh ideas. Someone who is invested in your business and it’s growth.

If you think you need to relax the reigns a little and concentrate on what really matters to you (and, unless you’re also a VA, I’m willing to bet that isn’t admin!!) then make 2020 the year you outsource.

If you’d like a chat about what you could potentially pass on to someone else then drop me an email to info@purplefrog.co.uk to arrange a call.

Does outsourcing make you nervous? Ask yourself these three questions.